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General & Medical Health Insurance

Generaland & MedicalGeneral & Medical Health Insurance offers a number of different affordable, private medical insurance plans designed to meet your needs and the needs of your family. Customers in the UK have come to rely on General & Medical Health Insurance for the peace of mind in knowing that, if you come down with an illness or have an accident, you don’t have to be stuck in the NHS queues waiting for your diagnosis and treatment. You have access at a lower cost to more than 1800 common private medical procedures.

General & Medical Health Insurance plans come in two levels: Equs and Altus. The Equs plans are designed to be affordable private medical insurance for families. With The Equs plan covers you for hospital charges and diagnostic tests. It covers initial outpatient consultation, up to a certain amount, as well as physiotherapy up to a certain amount. It does not include treatment for cancer or heart or lung conditions, subsequent outpatient consultations or many other services.

Equs Plus gives you cover for hospital charges, diagnostic tests, full cover for outpatient initial consultation. This plan from General & Medical Health Insurance also gives you a certain amount of cover per year for cancer-related expenses, as well as a certain amount for subsequent outpatient services. It also inclues a limited amount of cover for physiotherapy.

The most popular options from General & Medical Health Insurance are the Altus and Altus Plus plans. These plans both cover the full costs of hospital charges, diagnostic tests, treatments for cancer, treatments for lung or heart conditions, as well as initial outpatient consultations. The Altus plan has a limited amount that it will pay for subsequent outpatient consultation, as well as physiotherapy. Both plans also include access to a 24-hour medical GP advice line.

The top plan is the Altus plus plan. This one has the same benefits as the Altus plan, but has unlimited cover for subsequent outpatient consultation. It also has a higher amount that it will cover for physiotherapy. This is the most comprehensive plan offered by General & Medical Health Insurance.

As you can see, from the most basic budget type medical insurance plan up through full coverage, General & Medical Health Insurance has plenty to offer you and your family.

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