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96% of dentists say NHS targets compromise patient care

An overwhelming majority (96%*) of dentists think that the pressure of targets imposed by NHS England places patient care at risk.

In an exclusive poll for ITV’s Daybreak, the GDPUK found that at least 93% of dentists believe they could have given their patient better treatment following an appointment but felt limited by NHS regulations.

Private dentist, Dr Tony Kilcoyne, told Daybreak that patients are suffering because of this.

Kilcoyne stated that the Government, by whom the system is enforced, “are only interested in one thing – how many bodies you can get through that dental surgery”.

He believes this goal is problematic because “good dentistry takes time to do. Dentists and their team need protected time to do what is a very advanced procedure…on anxious patients who need more time to be relaxed”.

Time is one of the reasons people choose to insure their health, as patients with private health insurance could receive longer consultations with specialist doctors to really understand their diagnosis and treatment, as well as the convenience of choosing an appointment to best suit their schedules.

Many private health insurance providers may also offer separate dental insurance policies to help patients manage their dental bills.

*, 2014. ‘95% of dentists’ say NHS system hinders patient care. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 16th January 2014].

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