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News Team - Meet Our Writers

Samantha Clarkson

Since graduating from the University of Oxford with a degree in Journalism, Samantha has worked in the several divisions of online news agencies around the world. She has over 20 years' experience in the industry. In her spare time, she builds upon her love for both music and travel by writing freelance articles on the subjects.

Chris Cox

Chris has over 15 years of journalistic experience. He started out at a grassroots level writing for the local paper after he discovered his passion for writing. Since then he has worked at several large publications and blogged widely. Chris’s other love is golf and he has competed on a national level.

Elyse Bellingham

Although relatively new to the world of protection insurance, Elyse has been a journalist for more than 8 years, undertaking various production roles. In her spare time Elyse supports the Great Ormond Street Hospital - her recent charity run raised more than £6,000 for the children's hospital.

Mark Whiting

Mark started his career as a junior assistant at a prominent business magazine. His last full time role was as travel editor for a search and social media company, writing articles for major tour operators and airlines. For the last 3 years Mark has been working a freelance writer for several newspapers and magazines. Mark now contributes weekly to our news section.

Rebecca Butler

Rebecca started her career in 1992 as a protection insurance sales advisor. Since then she has been working in the protection insurance industry in several roles including marketing, compliance and as an underwriter. She has since worked in freelance news production, as well as business insurance review writing.

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